General rules and eligibility requirements:

  1. Writers who have had their work produced in New York City in a venue with more than than 99 seats are not eligible.
  2. Applicants may only submit one script per Festival.
  3. Applications for the Festival must be completed online.
  4. The website will only accept one attachment per application. Please be sure to include title page and all acts in a single document.
  5. Scripts will only be accepted in the following file formats: doc, pdf, or rtf. Please note that we do not accept Final Draft (fdr) documents.
  6. Please include the title and playwright’s name on the header of each page. Scripts must have page numbers.
  7. Only full-length plays and musicals will be accepted. Full-length is defined as having a running time of approximately 60 minutes or more. 
  8. We do not accept one-person shows or adaptations of existing works.
  9. We accept English translations of new work from other languages, providing all other eligibility criteria are met.
  10. Previously submitted work can be resubmitted, providing all other eligibility criteria are met..
  11. Writers who participated in past Summer Play Festivals are not eligible to reapply.
  12. There are no fees to submit.

Additional rules, exceptions and eligibility requirements for musicals:

  1. Musical theatre writers who have had a New York production in a theatre over 99 seats are still eligible to submit musical theatre pieces only, providing the piece has not received any Festival, Broadway, or off-Broadway production in New York City.
  2. Submissions of musical scripts must be made through the website application. Please do not send musical scores.
  3. Applications additionally require two CD's of recorded selections from the musical. CDs can be mailed to:
    SPF Submissions (Musical Theatre)
    P.O. Box 778
    New York, New York 10108



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