Festival History

Take a look at our current and past seasons since our inaugural festival in 2004.

  • The Chimes

    Kevin Christopher Snipes

    Nick returns to his New England boarding school still haunted by choices he made forty years ago. The past overwhelms the present as this thrilling drama flashes back to four young pranksters drawn together by their knack for Shakespeare and ripped apart by the onset of World War II.

  • Departure Lounge

    Dougal Irvine

    It's the end of vacation as four guys wait for their flight home in this testosterone-driven new musical. With time to kill they recount the hilarious antics of the week, and as secrets tumble out we learn more about the lads than they know about themselves.

  • The Happy Sad

    Ken Urban

    Finding love is easy. Defining love is not. New York City provides the backdrop to a contemporary comedy of sex, love, and dating in a city where there are too many options and not enough time.

  • Reborning

    Zayd Dohrn

    Art and life become disturbingly interchangeable when a sculptor of baby dolls meets a woman desperate to recreate the past. This dark comedy takes an unsettling look at work, latex, and the power of creation.

  • The Sacrifices

    Alena Smith

    At first glance the family has everything. But once they leave on a Caribbean cruise, the winds change, privilege becomes a prison, and their vacation will be anything but smooth sailing in this touching comedy drama.

  • Tender

    Nicki Bloom

    A random act of violence leaves a family shattered and searching for a way to be whole again. Amid the ramifications, mystery, memory, and potential murder set the stage for this haunting and suspenseful drama.

  • We Declare You a Terrorist

    Tim J. Lord

    Eight hundred civilians are taken hostage during the performance of a hit Moscow musical. In the aftermath, the playwright is plagued by the story of his captor - a young woman willing to die for her cause - in an intense drama where one person's patriotism is another's act of terrorism.

  • Whore

    Rick Viede

    Sara just wants to be interesting, and an unexpected one-night stand propels her into a high stakes relationship with worldly Tim. As they are drawn into the fringes this thriller exposes a world of greed, lies, and fear which threatens to break the rules that hold them together.

Photo Credits

Matthew Dellapina and Kerry Bishé in Tender (SPF 2009)
Photo by Carol Rosegg

Ari Graynor, Heidi Schreck and Sue Jean Kim in The Happy Sad (SPF 2009)
Photo by Carol Rosegg

Aya Cash and Mark Setlock in Whore (SPF 2009)
Photo by Carol Rosegg


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