• Really ... Only One Week Left?

    By Sam Brahms on July 24, 2009 at 12:24 PM
    Rehearsals / Performances / Life

    A long, long time ago, our intern coordinator turned to us and said, "Right when you are ready for this festival to be over, it will be."  I remember thinking, why would I want it to end?  What have we signed up for that she is saying this to us?  As an intern, I felt like my first week was spent publicizing the festival, my second week brought me to rehearsals for my assigned show WHORE (Loved telling everyone the name).  I loved every minute of it, but yeah, I was still aware of how time was passing.  If you asked me then, I would have actually been able to tell you the day of the week, the date, that I had slept the night before, but once we moved across the street, into our theater, I don't know if it's because I never saw windows and daylight again, or if it's just that you end up feeling like you'd get more sleep on a cot in the green room instead of going home, but time just began to fly by.

  • Whats in a name?

    By Maggie Raymond on July 20, 2009 at 11:53 PM
    Rehearsals / New York / Life

    I was back home in Wisconsin when I was assigned my SPF Production piece, and to my surprise and excitement...I was assigned to a show titled WHORE. Always fun to say blatantly to people inquiring about my summer plans until my little grandmother wanted to know...PANIC!... before I knew it I blurted that I would be working on a quaint coming of age tale called...Lady of the Night : ) The title, in your face, raw and real, has provided the amazing cast and crew a plethora of stories exchanged most times during rehearsal, always leaving us in stiches and with smiles. From riding the sub with props and papers labeled WHORE, leaving our homes in the morning with "off to the office" goodbyes like "I'm whoring it up today," to totes bag's given to us all by our fabulous Line Producers on closing that read I WHORE NY this show has always kept us entertained and constantly flirting with inappropriate situations we meet with grins and explanations to follow.  

  • The Bathtub

    By Rachel Baker on July 17, 2009 at 4:30 PM
    Rehearsals / Performances / Videos

    The bathtub in Whore became a bit of a problem once we hit tech:

    To view/hear SPF media, you will need Adobe Flash.

    Rachel Baker (SPF 2009 Intern) takes us behind the scenes of Whore.
    (includes a clip of Sean T. Parker and Aya Cash in Whore)

  • An Australian

    By Rick Viede on July 15, 2009 at 5:32 PM
    Production / Performances / Parties / Life

    The show opened last night. Its been a great, and fast!, process, if somewhat unnerving realising the margin for error is zero. It is literally jump and hope that its ok. Most bizarre has been seeing the show completely transform into some sort of parable on the American Dream. The play is certainly about ambition, but of course it wasn't written specifically for here, so its been strange to see the piece transform into something that resonates deeply with an American ideology. But I'll still take credit for it! I think the themes of alienation, ambition and the media are more resonant here than back in Australia. And NY is that sort of city- its such a cliche but everyone knows of someone who went balls to the wall and ran home crying, something that really doesn't happen quite as much in Australia.


  • Back in the States

    By Rick Viede on July 6, 2009 at 7:13 PM
    Casting / New York / Life

    This play is a funny weird beast. I had forgotten until recently that my main inspiration for this play was a wild six months of travelling I did throughout America, so coming back here, where the play was in someways conceived, feels very poetically just. Whore deals essentially with the betrayal of yourself by your body. Meaning our desires lead us down some dark strange paths. Some of the plays unflinching, nauseating moments (they nauseate me too!) have been accused of being salacious, inauthentic and intentionally provocative in the most recent production. Coming here has reminded me why they got written in the first place.


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